Do you struggle with back & neck problems, sport injuries, aches and pains or is stress and tension getting the better of you?

We at the Namo Health Centre are a dedicated team of natural health professionals. Our mission is to help you achieve your health goals through natural and wholistic approach. We believe that you can correct the cause of your health concern as well as facilitate the body's own healing ability. Our hands-on treatment (full or half hour) is a combination of Spinal Care, Reflexology, Pressure Points and Massage. These four elements are all focused on targeting and correcting any imbalances while leaving your body totally relaxed. Book your treatment today!

We also offer an exercise routine which focuses on the body/mind connection through movement (stretching, strengthening and breathing) enabling your body to stay calm and centred. Join us for Pilates, Stretching, Tai Chi and Yoga classes in our beautiful exercise studio.

Our health shop supplies products that are carefully selected to support a healthy lifestyle. We stock natural medicine, organic beauty products, healthy snacks and whole foods. This includes our own range of Magnesium Mustard bath salts, five health spices, herbal massage and healing oils and herbal teas.

Contact Details:

Contact: Henk/Tertia and Wilma
Tel: 028 754 1654
Mobile: 082 684 5626


181 Main Road West,
South Africa